Music Major/Percussion Audition Requirements

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All incoming freshman and transfer students wishing to major in music/percussion at TAMUK are required to audition for acceptance into the music program. Students must demonstrate competence in one or more areas of percussion performance: snare drum, keyboard percussion, timpani, drum set, or hand percussion.

Texas All-State Band etudes may be used as audition material.

Students are responsible for providing their own sticks, mallets, and music. Instruments will be provided by TAMUK.

Please contact Mr. Randy Fluman to schedule an audition time and date.

Email: [email protected]

Office phone: 361-593-2670

 *You must choose ONE category for your audition: Snare Drum, Keyboard Percussion, or Timpani. If you feel comfortable performing in more than one category, please feel free to do so. Students who wish to audition on Drum Set or Hand Percussion must also perform in one of the following categories: Snare Drum, Keyboard Percussion, or Timpani.

Snare Drum

1. Perform at least 2 rudiments from each category of the Percussive Arts Society International Rudiments. 2 roll, 2 flam, 2 drag, 2 diddle rudiments. Slow to fast to slow.

2. *Perform any rudimental or concert solo or select an etude from one of the following books:

Portraits in Rhythm - A. Cirone
Advanced Snare Drum Studies - M. Peters
Intermediate Snare Drum Studies - M. Peters
Twelve Etudes for Snare Drum - J. Delecleuse
The Solo Snare Drummer - V. Firth

*Texas All-State audition etudes are acceptable.

3. Sight-reading.

Keyboard Percussion - marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone

1. Perform one or two octaves of at least 4 major scales.

2. Perform a one-octave chromatic scale starting on C.

3. *Perform any 2 or 4 mallet solo or etude.

*Texas All-State audition material is acceptable.

4. Sight-reading.


1. Demonstrate ability to tune timpani without the aid of an electronic tuning device. Player may use a pitch-pipe, tuning fork, or mallet instrument for pitch reference.

2. *Perform any solo or etude. An excerpt from a band, orchestra, or percussion ensemble work
is acceptable.

*Texas All-State audition material is acceptable.

3. Sight-reading.

Drum Set (optional)

1. Demonstrate various styles and tempi: 16 bars swing, 16 bars Latin, 16 bars rock or funk.

2. Perform a brief (1 or 2 minute) improvised solo.

3. Sight-reading.

Hand Percussion (optional)

1. Demonstrate patterns and fills. Player's choice of instrument: congas, bongos, djembe, etc.


Scholarships are available to those who qualify.


Audition Requirements PDF

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